Fabrics In

I’ve found that lately, I’m buying more fabric that what I am sewing up. I did a few pre-orders some time ago and they are starting to roll in (the rest are impulse buys). First up, this awesome Funko Cereal print. I am a huge Funko fan and when New Moon Stitches offered this design, I couldn’t pass it up. I got this one in both a woven and a knit – the scale is a bit smaller than what I anticipated and the knit a bit thinner that what I would have liked so I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it. I may just horde it and occasionally hug it.

I also was lucky enough to snag a “scrap pack” from Zor-Elle fabrics. Since USPS is overwhelmed, it took forever to get here. In fact, I honestly thought it was lost at one point. But, it was worth the wait because the scraps I got were AMAZING:

This is the woven pack that I received – some are canvas, most are cottons, and all are fantastic. I even got a few of the Shining carpet prints! I plan on eventually making the Torrance Clutch with it – I can’t wait!

I have also picked up a few misc. fabrics along with a Santa print bundle from SoSewEnglish. I figured I need to hurry and sew that one up before next week so I can wear it before Christmas (I’m thinking about using the Jeanne knit pj pattern from Jalie), but otherwise, I’m just hoping for more motivation in the coming year… and maybe the opportunity to wear some of the clothes I’ve been making outside the house!