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More Zombies

I was a little belated in a few of my stocking stuffer gifts this year as I just finished up this fun mini-notebook the other day. It is similar to this one that I made last month, but with a few modifications:

For this version, I opted to use a leather fabric for the exterior. I can honestly say, I think I like the vinyl better. This particular leather is soft and supple, and while it feels very nice to use, it “bubbled” a bit in a few areas. I found that the leather did hold the stitches very nicely, but didn’t trim as neatly as the vinyl. Lesson learned.

This notebook also glows in the dark. However, last time I used nothing but glow threads and you just couldn’t tell the difference between colors. So this time, I opted to only use these threads for the outline of the zombie head so there was a bit more contrast.

Some other issues I had last time that I fixed this round: I reduced the size of the elastic strap to 8″ – this is a much nicer fit! I also slowed the machine way down when attaching the backing on this one and as a result had a lot cleaner look to the finished notebook. It’s not perfect, but definitely improved.

I now have one more ornament to make (in my defense I did buy it just before Christmas) and then I’m done!

Santa PJs

Somehow, a few days before Christmas, I managed to find a few hours to sneak away and make a pair of last minute pajamas. It’s a good thing too, because I fee like this fabric had to be used before Christmas. So, without further, ado, I present: The Santa Jammies.

I used Jalie’s Jeanne knit PJ set and a fun little Santa Stripe bundle from So Sew English Fabrics to make this set. And I just love the way they turned out – I feel like a festive little elf! Once again, this pattern sewed up very quickly (in just a few hours) and the fit is perfectly comfy, but this print is a double brushed poly so it’s a bit warm to wear at times. At some point I’m going to modify the sleeves so they are short so I can extend the life of this pattern – apparently I easily get overheated at night!

Making a List

I was hoping to tackle a few projects yesterday, but I spent most of the day grocery shopping (because apparently everyone in my area is needing dark corn syrup too). Consequently this is the only thing I’ve been able to work on – Off With Their Thread’s Making a List Mini Notebook cover.

Instead of changing up threads, I opted for a solid red design, although in hindsight, I think doing the lettering in a Christmas green would have been good too. It turned out pretty well, but I still have some thread loops on the inside of the cover – it still happened after slowing down the machine a ton, so I may have to research what I can do next to keep this from happening. Otherwise, this project is simply adorable and should make a fun little stocking stuffer for Easton.

Last Minute

It seems like this time of year I’m always working on last minute gifts. This year I’m not putting a ton of pressure on myself to finish items, but I do have several things I’d like to complete. But first, more ornaments!

I had a few more eff 2020 ornaments to make for friends – I’m pretty addicted to these in variegated threads. I also made a fun “holiday” plague doctor for Bret and an Santa Among Us Crewmate for Easton. I’m not thrilled with the stitchout on the Among Us design – I’m not sure if it’s something I did, or just the design itself…. at least Easton won’t judge it too hard. LOL

I think after these, I’m ready for this funny 2020 dog ornament – I mean, I can’t leave our puppers out of all the fun, right? Then I have a few notebooks to stitch out and will probably call it a day… or maybe I’ll get a small bag in.

Linky Thursday

There are still lots of holiday freebies to sew up – like my mini stocking tutorial at WeAllSew. While you’re there, you need to check out this post on how to free motion this gnome.

Thinking about changing up your holiday decor? This fleece tree skirt is a fast and easy.

No hang Christmas stockings are perfect for those without fireplaces.

Made for Mermaids is wrapping up their 12 Days of Christmas with and entire felt alphabet ornament set, reuseable facial rounds, and a gathered twist hat (that comes in 7 sizes!).

Dress your table up this holiday with personalized placemats.

This peek-a-boo pouch is a great gift for the holidays or just a great way to keep yourself organized, but still see what’s inside. Need something larger to stash your stuff? Try these foldable mini baskets.

Stay cozy while binge watching your favorite show with this hooded blanket. Want something more traditional? Try this easy robe tutorial instead.

This accessory bag is perfect for travel and is FREE when you join the Winter Wear Design Facebook Group and view this post.

Enter to win one of 2, $50 gift certificates to Gardensong Fabrics.

Fabrics In

I’ve found that lately, I’m buying more fabric that what I am sewing up. I did a few pre-orders some time ago and they are starting to roll in (the rest are impulse buys). First up, this awesome Funko Cereal print. I am a huge Funko fan and when New Moon Stitches offered this design, I couldn’t pass it up. I got this one in both a woven and a knit – the scale is a bit smaller than what I anticipated and the knit a bit thinner that what I would have liked so I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it. I may just horde it and occasionally hug it.

I also was lucky enough to snag a “scrap pack” from Zor-Elle fabrics. Since USPS is overwhelmed, it took forever to get here. In fact, I honestly thought it was lost at one point. But, it was worth the wait because the scraps I got were AMAZING:

This is the woven pack that I received – some are canvas, most are cottons, and all are fantastic. I even got a few of the Shining carpet prints! I plan on eventually making the Torrance Clutch with it – I can’t wait!

I have also picked up a few misc. fabrics along with a Santa print bundle from SoSewEnglish. I figured I need to hurry and sew that one up before next week so I can wear it before Christmas (I’m thinking about using the Jeanne knit pj pattern from Jalie), but otherwise, I’m just hoping for more motivation in the coming year… and maybe the opportunity to wear some of the clothes I’ve been making outside the house!

Mini Stockings

There are 11 days until Christmas which is plenty of time to sew up my latest tutorial at WeAllSew for these easy mini stockings!

This project is a great way to use up fabric scraps, sew those great novelty prints that fit your recipient’s personality, or use materials that match your d├ęcor. These mini stockings are small enough to hang on a tree or use as a decoration for packages, but large enough to hold small treats or gift cards. Best of all, they sew up fast, so you’re able to make a lot of these in a single afternoon. I’d also like to think of these as very beginner friendly as well – there’s only one pattern piece to use and the lining is simply folded over to make the cuff.

Christmas Tees

I am finding that I am extremely far behind on my Christmas sewing\crafting. So yesterday, I buckled down and worked on one of my larger projects: Family Christmas Tees.

Since I knew that we wouldn’t be traveling for the holidays this year, I decided to make “shopping” easier and get “Family” gifts. This year, everyone gets t-shirts.

Way back in November I asked everyone their sizes, ordered 22 screen prints, and a heck of a lot of tees. Each family gets their own color group, but the same design – that way if there is an opportunity to get together, they can take a group picture…. or everyone can just take their own group picture and someone can photoshop everyone in it. You know, got to keep 2020 weird. LOL

This was a lot more work than what I anticipated, but worth it in the end because they look great together. Now let’s hope the post office is able to deliver these before Christmas!

Linky Thursday

Patterns for Pirates is continuing on with their 12 Days of Christmas celebration by putting out new tutorials including: Pet Stockings, a Braided Infinity Scarf (I love this take on this look), and a fun “Bear” Rug.

Made for Mermaids is also celebrating the holidays with their holiday projects including: a Hand Sanitizer Holder, a cocoa and cookies felt set (great for play sets or even a pincushion), and a keychain wallet that can be made into a card or mask holder.

And not to be left out, Winter Wear Designs has their own free patterns (or codes for free patterns to be used on the site). Their recent freebies include the All Wrapped Up (pocket or sleeved wrap) and All Over It bowl cover.

Have time for a few more holiday projects? Be sure to check out my latest tutorial on WeAllSew for this blingy Santa Hat.

This 3 zip bag looks like it would help keep you organized, but still small enough that you can wear cross body.

These cup cozies look like a quick project to make that would be an awesome stocking stuffer or teacher gift (especially paired with a coffee shop gift card).

If your kids are like mine, they wait until the night before they need something to tell you. If this includes an ugly Christmas Sweater, then this tutorial can help you make one, FAST!

This oversized pullover pattern would look great dressed up or down and so very comfy to wear.

Enter to win a 20 piece fat quarter bundle of Sweet Caroline fabrics.

Santa Hat

Feeling festive? Looking for the perfect accessory to wear while decorating the tree (or to go with your “ugly sweater”)? Then be sure to hop on over to WeAllSew and check out my latest tutorial for this easy, blingy Santa Hat!

This tutorial does require you to create your own pattern (trust me, it’s easy) and aside from attaching the trim, is made with only one seam. Pair this up with a purchased pompom and you’ll have a finished hat in about an hour.