More Christmas

This weekend, I decided to tackle some of the stocking stuffer type projects that I had in mind. One of them was completing the Ouija board mini notebook.

When I originally made the planchette (Right) I hand cut the circle – clearly that was a disaster. Not only was it choppy, but I didn’t cut enough away so there is vinyl showing through past the stitching. To make it worse, the clear vinyl I used for the window shifted and you can see an edge through the hole. In order to try to fix this, I ordered a set of punches. They are still too small to completely take out the circle in one punch, but I was able to get a lot smoother line this way (Left). My only real mistake with this is the red stitching, I was working on something else that used this color, left it in the machine and didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. I decided to call this a “design choice”, added a red grommet and called it good. I learned a lot with this project – it was definitely a lot of work and I’d do somethings differently the next time (if there is) I make one.

I also made a set of coasters! This is Periodically Drunk – a funny science\alcohol themed set that I made for my daughter’s boyfriend. I used a variety of different colored vinyl for the top and cork on the underside to stitch these up and I just love the end result…. plus it’s a great gift for guys (which is always hard to find projects for them)!