Links for the Weekend

I am fairly confident that Easton will be asking for an “Ugly Sweater” this year. In doing a bit of research there’s lots of tutorials out there, some for using a Cricut while some are made with paint. But no matter which one you decide on, you’ll want to check out this tutorial for upcycling your sweater once you’re done wearing it.

If you think that the best part of Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie, then you’ll definitely want to check out his cute pillow tutorial. you love sewing bags and need a little inspiration for holiday gifts, be sure to check out this DIY Wallet and mini card case tutorial.

Christmas gnomes are back again! If you’re looking to make a few for family this year be sure to check out this tutorial (he has arms and feet) or this one that upcycles sweaters for hats. But if you’re in a time crunch, this ornament can be made in 15 minutes!

Enter to win 3 sewing patterns from DIY Fluffies!

If you’ve been making Bernina’s WeAllSew busy book, part 7 is now live on the site. It’s also great for kids learning how to tie.

If your advent fillers are bigger than candy, then you’ll want to check out this hanging version – those pockets are HUGE.

Learn how to convert this free dolman dress pattern into a cute embroidered top (this uses a contrasting fabric, no machine embroidery is needed for this one).

The holidays are coming and if you’re needing comfy pants for a day of eating, these Mountain Pose Pants may fit the bill.