Holiday Ornaments

If profanity offends you, avert your eyes from the photo on the left.

This week’s project has been creating some Christmas ornaments. I honestly had no intentions of making so many, but I thought I would include them in a 2020 themed package for some of my friends (a dumpster fire key chain, eff 2020 ornament, and since we all love Schitt’s Creek, an EW 2020) to lift everyone’s spirits. It’s been a tough year and if we can’t add some humor to it, well, this holiday is going to be rough.

I decided that I wanted to add some colorful eyelets to add some support to the hanging portion of the ornament, but discovered, those aren’t so easy to find in stores these days. So I wound up ordering a kit from Amazon that even came with tools (a punch, hammer, and setting tools). I’m excited to give those a whirl and see how they turn out.

I still have a few more ornaments to stitch out and want to try the Sketchy Gnome too. Even though this year has been stinky, I’m guessing it will be well represented on my tree.