Little Notebooks

I like to keep sewing notes and projects in little notebooks that I put next to my sewing machine (although in complete transparency, I haven’t done a great job since mid-lockdown). When I saw that I could make my own mini notebooks with my embroidery machine, I jumped all over the chance to give it a try. Since it’s “spooky season” I decided that I would start with this fun Ouija Board cover:

There was quite a bit of stitching involved with this one, but I love the way it turned out. Unfortunately, I slightly snipped one of the pen holders, but managed to mend it by zigzagging the cut part back together (crossing my fingers it holds over time). To complete the look, I’ve decided that I need to make a planchette that will dangle off the end of the bookmark. I also need more black vinyl because I can see making more notebooks in my future – these are fun!