Up Next: Oaklynn

I have several sewing projects ready to go on my sewing table, but I got a little distracted (because I have sewing ADHD) when I saw Made for Mermaids’ latest release, The Oaklynn. I had recently seen some cute boutique tops that were very similar to this style and decided I wanted to make some for myself.

While searching for fabrics for this project, I discovered that my poor sewing closet was a hot mess – so much so that I couldn’t find fabrics that I needed. Needless to say, that turned into an afternoon of cleaning… so there’s no progress on this project, but my sewing area looks…. better (again, sewing ADHD).

Hopefully, I won’t have any more distractions and can start this project today. It’s supposed to be chilly this weekend and I think this would be perfect to wear!