Dumpster Fire

If 2020 had to be described in 2 words, chances are it would be Dumpster Fire. I’m at the point in my year that the only way to keep my sanity it to approach everything with humor. Thus, my latest project: Key Fobs.

I recently saw some “pretty” (well, they were pink and I thought they were cute) 2020 Dumpster Fire ornaments and I bought a few – unfortunately, they were sort of pricy so I couldn’t buy more of them. Luckily String Theory Fabric Art released an embroidery design with the same idea last week and I knew I had to get it. So, I spent the weekend making key fobs for the rest of my friends and family that I didn’t buy ornaments for. I made a portion of these in a pink metallic snakeskin vinyl, another in a salmon metallic snakeskin vinyl (both inspired by the ornaments that I saw), and one in green – I finished them off with silver rivets and a simple split ring.

I’m not going to lie, I love the way these turned out. They stitched out well, even through two thick layers of vinyl (the metallics are much beefier than the green promo vinyl that I used). I can’t wait to use these as stocking stuffers!

FYI, if you own an embroidery machine, String Theory has 2 new freebies available for today only. Be sure to grab your candy corn snap tabs while you can!