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Linky Thursday

Yesterday, I asked Bret for a life size baby Yoda doll and was denied. So instead, I may have to make my own – this plus pattern is the perfect start.

This wine carrier is the perfect way to tote your favorite spirt to your next (socially distanced) gathering.

These mommy & me nightgowns are perfect for lounging around during the holidays.

Keep yourself cozy and cute with this women’s cowl neck hoodie.

Enter to win one of 5 LED sewing lights.

Seeing snow? This snowman potholder is the perfect way to bring a bit of the white stuff inside without getting cold.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of plastic your house hold uses, you’ll definitely want to check out this burlap shopping bag.

I have to admit that I’ve never thought about sewing my own earrings, but I have to admit, these are kind of interesting.

This mini coin purse makes me want to start carrying change.

This quilted Christmas tree wall hanging is an easy way to use up scraps and get your home ready for the holidays.

It was so chilly at Easton’s soccer tournament last weekend, that we broke down and pulled out the winter gear. I realize if we’re doing this already, I may need more hats. Here’s how to make a beanie (in only 10 minutes!) for anyone in the family.


I may have gotten a little carried away yesterday because I spent my entire afternoon making Schitt’s Creek ornaments. Sadly, photos do not do them justice as they are substantially more sparkly in person (especially the rainbow glitter, I’m going to need more of that).

I also tested out my eyelet kit and loved it. The setting tools are much better than what I’ve used in the past and now I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. Plus, having some fun colors to choose from was bonus. I finished these off with some sparkly ribbon that I found in the store and they are now ready for gifting…. except one of the rainbow Davids, that’s for me!

Holiday Ornaments

If profanity offends you, avert your eyes from the photo on the left.

This week’s project has been creating some Christmas ornaments. I honestly had no intentions of making so many, but I thought I would include them in a 2020 themed package for some of my friends (a dumpster fire key chain, eff 2020 ornament, and since we all love Schitt’s Creek, an EW 2020) to lift everyone’s spirits. It’s been a tough year and if we can’t add some humor to it, well, this holiday is going to be rough.

I decided that I wanted to add some colorful eyelets to add some support to the hanging portion of the ornament, but discovered, those aren’t so easy to find in stores these days. So I wound up ordering a kit from Amazon that even came with tools (a punch, hammer, and setting tools). I’m excited to give those a whirl and see how they turn out.

I still have a few more ornaments to stitch out and want to try the Sketchy Gnome too. Even though this year has been stinky, I’m guessing it will be well represented on my tree.

Cozy Toes

The winter 2020 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery is out and inside (and on the cover) is my latest project: these festive embroidered slippers!

While the idea of making a pair of slippers seems daunting, I can assure you this pattern is fairly simple and the results are cozy. This project would make great gifts (I was thinking of doing these for adults with matching pajamas), but also make for the perfect “selfish sew” as they are great for keeping your tootsies warm during the winter months. This was a fun little project to work on – I can definitely see making more!

For those of you who want to recreate this look, I picked up the buffalo plaid fabric from Joann’s in the home decor section of the store (the sherpa lining came from Joann’s as well). This material sewed up well and took the embroidery designs perfectly, but be sure to use a sharp needle while embroidering as it tends to want to “snag” otherwise.

Don’t have an embroidery machine? No problem, you can still pick up the sewing pattern here.

Links for the Weekend

Wrap dresses look flattering on just about every body type. Grab your free pattern and see for yourself.

Know someone who is deaf or hear of hearing? These window masks are great so they can read lips – you will need a Cricut for this cut file.

One apron, three ways (this one is #3, links to the other two are in the blog post). Great to change up looks when gift giving!

Feeling patriotic? This Uncle Sam costume is great for Halloween (or maybe to go voting?).

There are 62 days until Christmas. If you’re looking to make something special for the holiday, like this adorable Santa Stocking, now is a great time to get started.

This car diddy bag is a great way to keep all your important items right at your fingertips (or fall on the floor and lost under the seat).

Fleece is making it’s appearance in stores again and it you’re looking for projects to make with it, here’s one for an easy Women’s Vest.

Enter to win one of 5 LED sewing lights.

I found this article on threading, spool pins (and orientation), and which type of thread is best for your machine incredibly helpful.

It’s getting chilly out, which means it’s the perfect time to start making beanies for the whole family.

On Wednesdays…

“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”

Mean Girl’s Day (October 3) may have already passed, but it’s still October, so it’s close, right? Off With Their Threads released this mini Burn Book (notebook) on Monday and I couldn’t resist making one. It’s so Fetch.

I wound up using a hot pink promo vinyl for the exterior and a pink metallic for the interior (some of the same vinyl that I used for the Dumpster Fire fobs). While the metallic works great on exteriors, it doesn’t do as well (I think it’s too “sticky”) on the underside of the project, so the interior isn’t so pretty. But other wise this project is awesome – I may make a few more as gifts this season…. maybe one for myself too!

Color Blocked Oaklynn

Confession: I originally bought Made for Mermaid’s Oaklynn because I’m too lazy to color block a top myself. Little did I know how much I would love the end result.

I’ve been seeing a lot of color blocked tops in online boutiques recently and I’ve been really wanting to buy some. But with a whole closet full of fabric, I thought I’d be better off making some for myself. Right in the nick of time, Made for Mermaid’s comes out with the Oaklynn pattern, so I scrap the projects on my table and start making this one.

I really wanted to use my leopard remnant somewhere in this top (I made the Selija Knot earlier in the year with this), so I built my fabrics around this fabric. I opted to use a black cotton spandex from Girl Charlee and a peach cotton rayon blend that came in a bundle from So Sew English Fabrics. Both the leopard and peach were close to the same weight and drape, however the black was slightly heavier, so I opted to use it for the bottom tier and waistband.

Sewing this one was very straightforward – the only issue I had was that I thought the color-blocked sleeves were cuffed, but I never could find a pattern piece for a cuff and the sleeve it plenty long enough hemmed…. so I guess it’s not?

As for the fit, I think it’s perfect. In fact, I love it so much, I’m considering making a solid version (with cuffed sleeves) next. I’m not completely sold on the v-neck yet (personally, I find the neckline very thick), so it’ll be another crew, but if I stumble across the “right” fabric in my stash, I may give it a whirl anyway.

Little Notebooks

I like to keep sewing notes and projects in little notebooks that I put next to my sewing machine (although in complete transparency, I haven’t done a great job since mid-lockdown). When I saw that I could make my own mini notebooks with my embroidery machine, I jumped all over the chance to give it a try. Since it’s “spooky season” I decided that I would start with this fun Ouija Board cover:

There was quite a bit of stitching involved with this one, but I love the way it turned out. Unfortunately, I slightly snipped one of the pen holders, but managed to mend it by zigzagging the cut part back together (crossing my fingers it holds over time). To complete the look, I’ve decided that I need to make a planchette that will dangle off the end of the bookmark. I also need more black vinyl because I can see making more notebooks in my future – these are fun!

Links for the Weekend

I had good intentions in posting Linky Thursday yesterday, but I was indisposed all morning – as I finally had my colonoscopy appointment. Since my dad passed away from colorectal cancer, I am considered high risk (2-3 times more likely) and have to have testing early (and more frequently) – and this was my first test. Thankfully, everything came back clear and now that my anxieties (both for the procedure and results) are over, I feel as if I’m ready to tackle all the stuff I wasn’t able to do for the past few weeks (I’m not kidding when I said I was anxious!)… starting with this week’s Linky Thursday! But before I forge ahead, if you’ve been putting off getting tested, don’t wait – colon cancer in the second leading cause of deaths in the US and is very treatable in the early stages. It may not be the most pleasant experience to prepare for, but the nap at the end is really nice.

If you missed my post earlier in the week, I have a new tutorial up at WeAllSew – The Easy Strip Mug Rug and Cozy set. It’s a great scrapbusting project (or use Jelly Rolls like I did) that’s perfect for gift giving.

For us, fall soccer means bundling up under blankets during games and I’m in desperate need of some new ones. I usually rely on the tied blankets, but I love this braided edge version.

Christmas is right around the corner and this beautiful applique Joy pillow would make a great decoration or a sweet holiday gift.

Looking for a quick costume (or have a kid that feels like they’re too old for a costume, but sort of wants to dress up anyway)? How about this lobster hoodie?

Sew yourself up a pair of wide-leg palazzo pants to lengthen your frame.

Little pouches are one of my favorite things to sew and always make great gifts. This half moon version uses clear vinyl so you can always see what’s inside.

Stocking up firewood for the winter? This cute firewood carrier looks quick to make and helps tote all those bundles.

Infinity scarves are always a great wardrobe staple, but it gets even cozier and more fashionable in faux fur.

Up Next: Oaklynn

I have several sewing projects ready to go on my sewing table, but I got a little distracted (because I have sewing ADHD) when I saw Made for Mermaids’ latest release, The Oaklynn. I had recently seen some cute boutique tops that were very similar to this style and decided I wanted to make some for myself.

While searching for fabrics for this project, I discovered that my poor sewing closet was a hot mess – so much so that I couldn’t find fabrics that I needed. Needless to say, that turned into an afternoon of cleaning… so there’s no progress on this project, but my sewing area looks…. better (again, sewing ADHD).

Hopefully, I won’t have any more distractions and can start this project today. It’s supposed to be chilly this weekend and I think this would be perfect to wear!