If quilting had an equivalent to Louboutin, I feel like this block would be it.

I wasn’t very excited about the original\inspiration color scheme for this block – as much as I love pinks and purples, the tones seem to be muted and didn’t fit in with the rest of the Pop Art blocks. So, for my version, I decided to dramatically change it up. The resutls? I think I went too bold and now my block doesn’t fit in with the rest of my pop art blocks!

While I love the idea of a Louboutin look for this block, I am really struggling as to what background fabrics might work – so much clashes with the red and some of the fabrics that I have that might work with it, are being used in surrounding blocks. I think I’m going to sit on this one and see what might work after I have more put together, but I have a feeling I’ll be doing this one again sometime in the future.