More 80’s Love

Since I can typically sew my own purses with my sewing machine, I don’t normally make in the hoop bags. However, when I saw this retro 80’s cassette bag, I knew I had to make this embroidery project…. and it did not disappoint.

Because I started this project without rounding up supplies first, I had to use some items that I had on hand. For starters, I didn’t have a long enough black zipper so I had to use an invisible zip instead. I was worried that I wouldn’t work out or look right, but I discovered in a pinch this type of zipper works ok with these bags. I also skipped the twill tape (for the D-ring) and cut a strip of vinyl the same size the twill tape would be – and I really liked the results (I’m doing this for future bags). I also had to substitute a D-ring for a D-right with a clasp – I think I would have preferred just a D-ring so that I could make a strap so it could be more like a clutch.

I just adore this design and can definitely see making a few more (as gifts) in the future.