Lots of Projects

It seems like I have lots of projects going, but not much to show for it right now. However, here’s a bit of a peek at what’s on my sewing table:

Now that I’ve tinkered with a few in-the-hoop bags, I’ve been itching to try a few more. I wound up picking up the fun, Retro 80’s Cassette Tape project, but haven’t had the opportunity to put it together. I’m also in the midst of inserting the sleeves into my Selfie Shirt, cutting out fabric for the Roller Romper (which I feel a need to hurry and finish before it gets too cool to wear). working on a tester pattern (you all will love it. I believe it will launch later this week), and developing a pattern for WeAllSew. The only project that I have to show for today is a hand sanitizer holder.

WHEW! Now it’s time to put my teacher hat on (Easton’s school is doing a hybrid model: 3 days remote, 2 days in-person) and then get back to work on these projects!