Shirts, Shirts, and More Shirts

I’m definitely feeling the Halloween spirit, so I figured it was time to make everyone some shirts. I had ordered a few screen prints from Krafty Korner Supplies and tees from Jiffy Shirts (who are normally fast, but I got my order the next day and didn’t even request express shipping!) and went to work yesterday…. and here’s the haul!

Unfortunately, I had a severe goof up – I had a “nurse” mandala design, but affixed it to the shirt upside down. What makes it worse? I didn’t notice at first – it was only when I realized I really couldn’t read what it said that I discovered my error. The rest were pretty easy releases – except the Jason\Michael Meyers design which stuck to the paper horribly. I believe that I pressed it too long and too hot – I eventually got it to work, but there’s a bit of a crease that I can see.

If you’re needing a cute tee fix, I highly recommend making some of your own – the screen prints are a great way to get professional looking results with minimal work.