First Day

2020 has proven to be a really weird year. In keeping up with the weirdness, I’ve made…. a mask bag. Easton started his first day of school (we’re starting off hybrid) and has the requirement to wear a mask all day. I realize things happen and just in case, I figured he should carry around a few extras. I also realize his backpack is probably not the most sanitary thing on the planet, so I figured a mask bag was a good way to keep everything as “sanitary” as possible.

Of course, you can’t have a crafty mom and take any old bag to hold them. So, I made him something a little more fun: A Taki bag! This is an “in-the-hoop” embroidery project that has a finished lining and a zipper closure – and is just the right size for a couple of standard masks (I used disposable ones). He’s got a lot of Taki going on this year as he’s carrying around a hand sanitizer and a tag too.