I find that I tend to make things in “batches”. It might be home decor, clothes, quilt blocks, or in this case, bookmarks. I recently purchased a few machine embroidery bookmarks and couldn’t wait to start stitching them up. First off, there’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I was a huge fan of the comic book before it became a Netflix series, so I couldn’t pass up this iconic shadow style straight from one of the original covers.

I set out to make a fun library card bookmark, but ran into lots of problems. At first, I attributed my issues to the fact that I changed stablizers. Then I thought it might be the vinyl (it was pretty soft). But with lots and lots of ongoing problems, I wondered if it was just the design. Turns out, it was a dirty machine. After a wicked jam, I took my machine apart and pulled out a bunch of thread that was hiding wayyyyy in the back – it was somehow working it’s way to the bobbin casing as it was sewing and causing lots of issues. Moral of the story? Maybe it’s time to deep clean your machine! I haven’t come back to this one as I’m waiting on more white vinyl, but check out all that thread!

Lastly, I decided to make a profanity laden bookmark – I though it might be a funny surprise for my (adult) daughter who’s finally taken up reading now that she’s not in school. I used a pretty glitter vinyl for the exterior (because profanity seems less offensive if it’s sparkly) and I LOVE the end result. I’m going to need more of this vinyl in my future.