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But Darling,

I worked on the 4th block of the Pop Art designs – this one is a text design, with a fun starburst pattern behind it:

I didn’t deviate too much from the original design – I really liked the color scheme and tried to stick close to the inspiration block. This one was fun to put together, but expect lots of trimming and jump threads. There are several more designs like this included in the set, which is getting me excited to stitch up the rest.

Hoodless Hug Hoodie

I recently saw someone post a picture of a unique, slightly cropped, relaxed hoodie and I fell in love. I own quite a few sweatshirt type patterns, but so many of them are fitted, that this look was something that I didn’t quite have in my wardrobe. (I should point out that this pattern looks somewhat similar to to Peek-a-boo pattern’s Pemberley Pullover, but with a hood option, raglan sleeves, relaxed fit, and shorter hemline – in case you’re looking for a similar style with different options)

With cooler temperatures in the forecast this week, I decided to forge ahead and make the Hug Hoodie. I wound up using a yellow French Terry from So Sew English Fabric – unfortunately, this was material that I received in a bundle so I was just a hair short of being able to add a hood (I also had to split the hem band so that there was a seam in the back, too), but the results are still fabulous.

This company was new to me, but I found their instructions easy to follow and there were plenty of pictures that accompanied each step. The pattern pieces went together perfectly and I appreciated all the notches – even on the neckline and cuffs! I know it sounds lazy, but sometimes I just want to sew and not have to find quarter marks on my bindings.

As for the fit, I love it. It’s relaxed, but the crop keeps it from looking “sloppy”. I think it would be perfect with a pair of higher waisted shorts, pants, or even leggings. I’m very excited to wear this in the coming days, but now I think I need to make a version with a hood…. and maybe find more French Terry!

Linky Thursday

George & Ginger is celebrating 40,000 members by giving away this adorable Sway Top.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn sewing was to make my own decorator pillows (because who wants to spend $60+ on that?). Learn how to make your too with this easy tutorial.

It’s officially fall – which means it’s scarf season! This triangle scarf is easy to sew and lightweight enough you can wear it even when it’s warmer out while the Infinity Scarf is always a classic.

This twist front top is perfect for warm days or dress it up for an evening out.

Enter to win an Anna Maria Horner Layer Cake bundle.

Have you been keeping up with Bernina’s Busy Book? Part 6 is now live!

Learn how to transform a shirt into a button up dress (with pockets!).

This basket tote is a pretty way to shop at your next farmer’s market.

This color block dress is easy to sew and so pretty to wear.

Learn how to hack a hoodie and transform anyone into Pikachu (this does have embroidery files, but could be easily modified to do it on a standard machine).


If quilting had an equivalent to Louboutin, I feel like this block would be it.

I wasn’t very excited about the original\inspiration color scheme for this block – as much as I love pinks and purples, the tones seem to be muted and didn’t fit in with the rest of the Pop Art blocks. So, for my version, I decided to dramatically change it up. The resutls? I think I went too bold and now my block doesn’t fit in with the rest of my pop art blocks!

While I love the idea of a Louboutin look for this block, I am really struggling as to what background fabrics might work – so much clashes with the red and some of the fabrics that I have that might work with it, are being used in surrounding blocks. I think I’m going to sit on this one and see what might work after I have more put together, but I have a feeling I’ll be doing this one again sometime in the future.

More 80’s Love

Since I can typically sew my own purses with my sewing machine, I don’t normally make in the hoop bags. However, when I saw this retro 80’s cassette bag, I knew I had to make this embroidery project…. and it did not disappoint.

Because I started this project without rounding up supplies first, I had to use some items that I had on hand. For starters, I didn’t have a long enough black zipper so I had to use an invisible zip instead. I was worried that I wouldn’t work out or look right, but I discovered in a pinch this type of zipper works ok with these bags. I also skipped the twill tape (for the D-ring) and cut a strip of vinyl the same size the twill tape would be – and I really liked the results (I’m doing this for future bags). I also had to substitute a D-ring for a D-right with a clasp – I think I would have preferred just a D-ring so that I could make a strap so it could be more like a clutch.

I just adore this design and can definitely see making a few more (as gifts) in the future.

Rio Raglan

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I LOVE raglan style shirts. In fact, they are probably one of my favorite things to sew. So, when I had the opportunity to test So Sew English’s new pattern, Rio Raglan, I jumped on the chance to give it a try. For my version I made a crew neck, short sleeve, “top” length shirt. However, this pattern has 2 different neckline options (crew and v-neck), 3 sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, and long), and 3 curved hem lengths (crop, top, and tunic – which is really the perfect dress length for most).

The pattern was easy to put together and I like the slim fit of this pattern. I can definitely see making this one again, but I think I want to try a V-Neck (I don’t have any raglans with that type of neckline) with 3/4 sleeves for fall… maybe in a plaid?

Linky Thursday

Probably one of the more intimidating projects for many sewists is sewing a bra. Take the fear out of sewing these projects with this multipart series. Looking for fabric and notions? Sew Sassy and Needle Nook Fabrics are two of my favorites.

Plan on dressing your pooch up for Halloween? This patronus costume (which really reminds me more of Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas) looks like a quick and easy sew.

It’s starting to get a bit cool around here, but there may be time to get some use out of this cute racerback A-line dress.

My sorority’s mascot was a squirrel, so I’m really partial items that I find with them on it – like this adorable pillow! Just check out that bushy tail!

This task apron is perfect for keeping sewing items handy, working in the garden, or keeping organized at craft shows.

Not only is this Nautical Tote bag super cute, it expands too.

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.

Yes, they’re a bit kitch, but I’m 99% sure I would wear these DIY Santa Sneakers this holiday.

Learn how to change any pullover top into a button up shirt.

With school and activities starting back up, you may find yourself spending more time in the car. Keep it everything tidy with one of these hanging organizers.

Mama Stella

With all the projects that I have, it only makes sense that I start a new one right? Yesterday I had the idea that I wanted an off the shoulder top – after scouring patterns, I settled on Made for Mermaid’s Mama Stella. This one seemed to look like the style I was most after and I already had it in my pattern stash, so it seemed like a winner in my book (you can see my previous versions here and here).

This time around I decided that I wanted a less fitted look so I cut one size up, cut between the top and tunic length, and opted for long sleeves. I also broke down and cut into my neon pink\green\yellow French Terry (purchased from SoSewEnglish, but currently sold out) – I figured it would give a fun retro vibe that would look good with this pattern style.

While I think the finished product is pretty cute, this project really isn’t the style I’m after. Going up one size helped make it look slightly less fitted, but what I think I want is something that is more along the line of a boxy\slouchy sweatshirt. Plus the way this pattern is drafted, one side has a”normal sleeve”, while the other sleeve cap is removed so that it becomes part of the neckline and is forced to be worn off your shoulder. Now that I am wearing it, I’ve decided that what I’m after is an “oversized neckline” so that it just naturally falls off your shoulder. I’d love to find a pattern that already has these features, but I have a feeling, I’m just going to have to alter a pattern to get the style I want.

Lots of Projects

It seems like I have lots of projects going, but not much to show for it right now. However, here’s a bit of a peek at what’s on my sewing table:

Now that I’ve tinkered with a few in-the-hoop bags, I’ve been itching to try a few more. I wound up picking up the fun, Retro 80’s Cassette Tape project, but haven’t had the opportunity to put it together. I’m also in the midst of inserting the sleeves into my Selfie Shirt, cutting out fabric for the Roller Romper (which I feel a need to hurry and finish before it gets too cool to wear). working on a tester pattern (you all will love it. I believe it will launch later this week), and developing a pattern for WeAllSew. The only project that I have to show for today is a hand sanitizer holder.

WHEW! Now it’s time to put my teacher hat on (Easton’s school is doing a hybrid model: 3 days remote, 2 days in-person) and then get back to work on these projects!

Shirts, Shirts, and More Shirts

I’m definitely feeling the Halloween spirit, so I figured it was time to make everyone some shirts. I had ordered a few screen prints from Krafty Korner Supplies and tees from Jiffy Shirts (who are normally fast, but I got my order the next day and didn’t even request express shipping!) and went to work yesterday…. and here’s the haul!

Unfortunately, I had a severe goof up – I had a “nurse” mandala design, but affixed it to the shirt upside down. What makes it worse? I didn’t notice at first – it was only when I realized I really couldn’t read what it said that I discovered my error. The rest were pretty easy releases – except the Jason\Michael Meyers design which stuck to the paper horribly. I believe that I pressed it too long and too hot – I eventually got it to work, but there’s a bit of a crease that I can see.

If you’re needing a cute tee fix, I highly recommend making some of your own – the screen prints are a great way to get professional looking results with minimal work.