Pop Art #2

I think it’s time for another Pop Art Block! This time I worked on the second block – which combines two separate, but smaller embroidery designs to make one larger block.

I changed up quite a few things from the original: I used a bright batik for the background (in hindsight, I think it takes away the boldness of the glasses, it probably would have just been better to use this material for smaller spots), I used a different hair and skin tone fabrics, and completely changed the glasses (because I really wanted pink). My only complaint about this design is that the hair highlights (blue, in my version) are in the same stops are the bold, black outlines. So, in order to have the highlights a different color (and not be lost), I had to watch for the stops to create them. It was a bit more work, but worth it in the end because I like the way they pop in this block. I’ll have to look more carefully at the stops in other designs to see if I have to do this frequently.