I have a tendency to second guess my fabric choices a lot – especially when I happen to be using more than one fabric together (especially with quilts). This block is a prime example.

While I was waiting for my flesh tone fabric to arrive, I though I would tackle blocks that don’t involve people – like this phone. I started with the block on the left, but after finishing it, decided that it looked very murky. The batik I used just doesn’t seem to fit with some of the bright colors that I picked out for the rest of the blocks. So, I remade it. I opted to use a more neutral background and reversed the colors in an attempt to brighten it up (I also thought that I could use the dark blue in a block later and it not be so obvious it’s a repeat). Not sure if I’m still happy with it, but I’m going to try to not make this again and just “go with it.”

I also decided that I should probably just do the blocks in the order that I plan to sew them together. Since I’m changing them up from the original (different colors, different skin tones, etc.), I think this might help me from second guessing my color scheme because I can see what it looks like put together in “real time”.