Hey Lucy…

With September only a few weeks away, I’m finding myself in the last minute push to finish sewing summery clothes – like this fun swing halter from Sonia Estep Designs called Lucy.

Full disclosure: I hadn’t originally intended on picking this pattern up. I’m not normally a fan of swing tops, but I really loved the shape of the upper portion of this top so I thought I would give it a try. After sewing it, I’m not entirely sold on this look for myself, but it’s not unflattering on either so I’m going to wear it out and see how I feel after.

As for the sewing – this top is very easy to put together. It has a lot of bindings to attach, but they are fairly simple to sew and the directions are very clear. I definitely think a beginner could sew this one up and have good results. The Lucy is worth a look if you’re into this style, needing a change in your wardrobe, or still trying to beat the heat!