The Office

We’ve been in our house for a year now. For the most part we’re pretty settled (I still need to make a few valances and hang more pictures), but the one room that still needed tackling was Bret’s office. I’ve left it alone since it’s his space, but between me complaining about how it looks and the fact he’s been working in it for 4 solid months now, it’s finally time to make it over.

Now that the furniture has been picked out and the color scheme set, it was time to hang some curtains! I had a booger of a time finding anything in retail that would work (other than solid colors), so I headed online to find some material…. it wasn’t an easy task, either. Between the fact that I’m looking for a select colorway (black, gray, red) and that I need a larger scale print that wasn’t a floral, I really limited my options. I did, however, finally find a quilt backing that seemed to fit the bill.

Since this fabric is a quilting type cotton, it’s pretty thin. So, I opted to line it with some black home decor fabric that I picked up from IKEA – it worked perfectly in keeping this fabric from being too sheer and gave it a bit of weight to make it hang better as well. I’ll spare you the rest of the details of this project, although I will say that in end, I decided to add some tabs to the panels. I thought this might make it easier for Bret to open and close the drapes, if needed, and change up the look of the curtains from some of the rest we have in the house. Now I have to draft some valances for the kitchen\living room… have I mentioned how much I dislike home decor sewing?

2 thoughts on “The Office

  1. M-C

    I could see how the prospect of working in there for the foreseeable future would motivate one to go on a decorating rampage ?. Good job, and I really like the tabs. But in the interest of minimizing home sewing, why valences at all? Even older houses can look harmoniously more modern without any valence at all..

    1. stacy Post author

      The only reason I am contemplating valances is that it looks naked… It’s a wall with 3 windows (but not together, but spaced apart) so it needs something to dress them up a bit. Plus I figure that it will pull the rooms look together a bit too.

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