Mystery Revealed

Early this week my SoSewEnglish mystery bundle arrived, so I figured it was time for a big reveal as to what was inside!

For starters, I don’t wear a lot of red, it’s not generally the best color for my hair/skintone so at least this bundle isn’t something that I already have in my stash, but this also isn’t my favorite bundle either because of that. With that said, I did get some nice pieces, the top is a stripe (it reminds me of the stripe from my last bundle – similar vibe, but different colorway) that I think would make a great dress (or top, but it really does scream dress). The second is a double brushed poly paisley style print – the colors are great and so is the print, but my daughter kept gushing over this one so I’m guessing I’ll eventually have to make something for her with this. Lastly is a French terry plaid (also very similar in feel to the one in the last bundle). I’m not really sure what to do with this one because, again, the print is pretty large – it may make a good cardigan this fall if I can find a coordinating solid.

If you’ve made it this far, I also wanted to say Thanks to everyone for their support and comments about my mom. As for an update on how she is doing: She had surgery on Monday and it went well. She is currently at a post acute care section of her facility so that she can work with the PT staff there and to quarantine (Her facility is still not accepting outside visitors in an effort to limit Covid exposure. Since she left the facility, they want to be sure she wasn’t exposed in the hospital.). Recovery and therapy has been a challenge, but the past day or two has been much better as staff figure out how to best work with her.

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