Just as I was getting some sewjo back, I’m finding that I have to take a brief pause this week from sewing and blogging.

In short, my mom broke her hip this weekend which has created a lot of chaos around here. On the positive side, she is living in a memory care unit so staff witnessed the fall and was able to help immediately (I couldn’t imagine if something like this happened and she was living independently), she had surgery yesterday and did well, and PT will get her up and walking today. The down side, of course, is that all of this happened during a pandemic\epidemic – the hospital and nursing home are closed to visitors (not to mention the fact I’m in a completely different state) so everything is done remotely… plus she’ll have to quarantine before she can go back to her room.

In light of the fact I’m just not focused, I thought it would be best to take the week off and get myself together. I figure by Monday I’ll be back at it and rearing to go – plus I may have bought another mystery bundle at SoSewEnglish and that should arrive by then too…. you know I have no self control with those!

4 thoughts on “Pause

  1. M-C

    How awful! It’s good your mom is under good supervision, but the worry from not being able to be there is a terrible complication. Please take care of yourself as much and as long as you need to, and don’t get back to sewing till it’s a relaxing activity. Best wishes for everyone

    1. Sarah

      Aw shoot. I am sorry to hear it. It must be difficult to be so worried and not being able to be present. Take care of yourself!

  2. Colleen M Patterson

    Lurker here-I’m so glad your mom had people there to get her help immediately and I hope her recovery is entirely uneventful. Take care of yourself and do what you gotta do. Sewing will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

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