Carlton Crop Hoodie

It may be hot outside, but I’ve been in a hoodie making mood. So, I channeled the tropics and used some fun floral fabrics to make this cropped hoodie – it seems perfect to wear after going for a swim or chilly nights by a bonfire.

The details: I used Sew New’s Carton Cropped Hoodie (found in the Athleisure Pattern Collection) and several textured knits (a tropical reverse French Terry, coral slub jersey, and a white quilted knit) from So Sew English to make this project. There are lots of opportunities for color blocking on this pattern, but I wanted the floral to be the stand out piece on this top.

As for sewing, this pattern comes together really well. The only thing I should point out is that the side panel says to “cut 1 on the fold” and you really should be cutting out 2 (not on the fold). The fabrics were also really easy to work with – the reverse French terry has a bulkier feel to it and seems like it should give you problems, but both my serger and my machine breezed through it.

As for sizing: I made this top in a small. It’s supposed to be loose fitting and cropped and fit exactly as I expected. The hood is very generous – while you could wear it over your head, I’m pretty sure it’s just for show because it really does look better down.

Overall, a really cute little pattern with lots of color blocking options that I adore. I’d love to make more of these, but I can’t see wearing a lot of cropped styles (and I think that this one would be difficult to lengthen to a “standard” size)… so I’ll just love the one I’ve made!