Linky Thursday

Beat the heat with these reusable water balloons.

It’s hot out, so you want to stay cool, but still want to have a look that’s appropriate to go out it…. then definitely check out these Dressy Shorts.

Whether your sending someone off to college or just need more storage, these extra-large laundry baskets are perfect to hold your dirties until wash day.

Love books? These library book bags are perfect for little ones to carry home their haul.

Enter to win 3 DIY Fluffies patterns.

These peek-a-boo pouches are perfect for organizing items – from sewing to those first aid kits. Plus they easily fit inside a purse or bag for on the go travels.

Back to school isn’t that far away. Have your little girl stay comfortable and still be fashionable with this easy legging pattern.

Last week I pointed out this gaiter style face mask (with filter) and this week I find another (plus 12 different ways to style it)! The same website also has a face mask pattern that draws the mask away from your face – perfect for people who are feeling slightly claustrophobic wearing standard ones.

If you’ve been sewing We All Sew’s Busy book, it’s time to go check out page 5 – Bear & Honey Pot. I really like this one as it has the child threading beads through loops over a maze. Very fun!

Whip up this unicorn plush with fabric scraps you have on hand.

Headed back to work? Learn how to make your own pretty lunch bag.

The perfect pattern for beginners: this maxi skirt.

2 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Helen (

    Hey Stacy, thanks for featuring my DIY gaiter style mask and the breathable face mask. I just wanted to mention that both versions of the Gaiter style mask have filter pockets! Last week I uploaded the unlined mask tutorial and I’ll upload the lined version (with VIDEO) soon

    1. stacy Post author

      I fixed it! I didn’t see the filter listed in the materials list and missed it in the instructions! Thanks!

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