Sunflower Iris

It is so hot outside that I’ve decided I need more shorts. This time around I opted to use the Iris Shorts pattern with a sunflower scuba that I had picked up from Knitpop. While this is definitely the cutest pair I’ve made, it does have a much different fit than the others:

The french terry pair is definitely the “loosest” fit – it is very comfortable, but I’ve found the waistband (in a cotton interlock) slides some while I wear them so I’ve been using them as loungewear (I don’t want to have to keep hiking them out while I’m out). The Liverpool version of the Iris is probably the most flattering – it’s extremely comfortable, but doesn’t appear that you’re wearing a knit short, plus they just look great on. As for this scuba pair, well, it’s a bit more snug than the rest. While the legs on the other versions are “loose”, I’ve found that the scuba hugs my thighs – so instead of looking like a pair of “shorts”, they look like I’m wearing Under Armour (or short bike shorts). Visually, these are the cutest, but overall not my favorite version. Fabric selection definitely made a difference in this pattern!