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Tie Dye Crop

After 8 long months (thanks, Covid), our oldest finally had a chance to come visit us. Besides bringing hemming for me to do, she told me how much she enjoyed the previous cropped hoodie I made her (it’s cropped, but not too short)…. which means I had to make more, right?

I let her sift through my fabrics and she picked out a lime\purple\pink tie dye French terry that I had recently bought from SoSewEnglish (the photo doesn’t do the colors justice, they are even brighter in person) to use with George & Ginger’s Teen Spirit Top. The results are adorable… and now I wish I could keep this one for myself… or at least get more of this material! Since I’ve made this one before, I am confident this will fit perfectly and she’s already itching for me to send it to her so she can wear it ASAP.

Linky Thursday

This Bottega Veneta Twist Bag retails for $2,200, but you can make your own version with this free pattern. Have a Cricut Maker? Then be sure to check out this pattern for the same style bag!

Beat the heat and look great doing it with this easy Graffiti dress.

You can make a pair of toddler pjs from an upcycled tee!

Headed for a dip in the pool? Check out this strapless, one piece pattern.

Back to school is rapidly approaching. Whether you’re doing fulling online or in part, chances are you’re looking for a way to set up your child’s workspace – these hanging organizers are a good place to start.

Making a kimono is so easy… and you don’t even need a pattern to do it!

Some day, we’ll be able to travel again and when we do, I want to be able to take this overnight bag with me.

Not only are these loose knit shorts a great pattern for boys, but they have a huge range of sizes (5-18 years).

It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to show off this interesting Stars and Stripes Quilt.

Box pouches are one of my favorite styles of bags to sew up (they make such great gifts). This version comes in 2 different sizes.

I must be daydreaming about days on the beach because I keep finding great tutorials for Beach Towel (convertible) bags.

Mystery Revealed

Early this week my SoSewEnglish mystery bundle arrived, so I figured it was time for a big reveal as to what was inside!

For starters, I don’t wear a lot of red, it’s not generally the best color for my hair/skintone so at least this bundle isn’t something that I already have in my stash, but this also isn’t my favorite bundle either because of that. With that said, I did get some nice pieces, the top is a stripe (it reminds me of the stripe from my last bundle – similar vibe, but different colorway) that I think would make a great dress (or top, but it really does scream dress). The second is a double brushed poly paisley style print – the colors are great and so is the print, but my daughter kept gushing over this one so I’m guessing I’ll eventually have to make something for her with this. Lastly is a French terry plaid (also very similar in feel to the one in the last bundle). I’m not really sure what to do with this one because, again, the print is pretty large – it may make a good cardigan this fall if I can find a coordinating solid.

If you’ve made it this far, I also wanted to say Thanks to everyone for their support and comments about my mom. As for an update on how she is doing: She had surgery on Monday and it went well. She is currently at a post acute care section of her facility so that she can work with the PT staff there and to quarantine (Her facility is still not accepting outside visitors in an effort to limit Covid exposure. Since she left the facility, they want to be sure she wasn’t exposed in the hospital.). Recovery and therapy has been a challenge, but the past day or two has been much better as staff figure out how to best work with her.


Just as I was getting some sewjo back, I’m finding that I have to take a brief pause this week from sewing and blogging.

In short, my mom broke her hip this weekend which has created a lot of chaos around here. On the positive side, she is living in a memory care unit so staff witnessed the fall and was able to help immediately (I couldn’t imagine if something like this happened and she was living independently), she had surgery yesterday and did well, and PT will get her up and walking today. The down side, of course, is that all of this happened during a pandemic\epidemic – the hospital and nursing home are closed to visitors (not to mention the fact I’m in a completely different state) so everything is done remotely… plus she’ll have to quarantine before she can go back to her room.

In light of the fact I’m just not focused, I thought it would be best to take the week off and get myself together. I figure by Monday I’ll be back at it and rearing to go – plus I may have bought another mystery bundle at SoSewEnglish and that should arrive by then too…. you know I have no self control with those!

Carlton Crop Hoodie

It may be hot outside, but I’ve been in a hoodie making mood. So, I channeled the tropics and used some fun floral fabrics to make this cropped hoodie – it seems perfect to wear after going for a swim or chilly nights by a bonfire.

The details: I used Sew New’s Carton Cropped Hoodie (found in the Athleisure Pattern Collection) and several textured knits (a tropical reverse French Terry, coral slub jersey, and a white quilted knit) from So Sew English to make this project. There are lots of opportunities for color blocking on this pattern, but I wanted the floral to be the stand out piece on this top.

As for sewing, this pattern comes together really well. The only thing I should point out is that the side panel says to “cut 1 on the fold” and you really should be cutting out 2 (not on the fold). The fabrics were also really easy to work with – the reverse French terry has a bulkier feel to it and seems like it should give you problems, but both my serger and my machine breezed through it.

As for sizing: I made this top in a small. It’s supposed to be loose fitting and cropped and fit exactly as I expected. The hood is very generous – while you could wear it over your head, I’m pretty sure it’s just for show because it really does look better down.

Overall, a really cute little pattern with lots of color blocking options that I adore. I’d love to make more of these, but I can’t see wearing a lot of cropped styles (and I think that this one would be difficult to lengthen to a “standard” size)… so I’ll just love the one I’ve made!

Linky Thursday

Beat the heat with these reusable water balloons.

It’s hot out, so you want to stay cool, but still want to have a look that’s appropriate to go out it…. then definitely check out these Dressy Shorts.

Whether your sending someone off to college or just need more storage, these extra-large laundry baskets are perfect to hold your dirties until wash day.

Love books? These library book bags are perfect for little ones to carry home their haul.

Enter to win 3 DIY Fluffies patterns.

These peek-a-boo pouches are perfect for organizing items – from sewing to those first aid kits. Plus they easily fit inside a purse or bag for on the go travels.

Back to school isn’t that far away. Have your little girl stay comfortable and still be fashionable with this easy legging pattern.

Last week I pointed out this gaiter style face mask (with filter) and this week I find another (plus 12 different ways to style it)! The same website also has a face mask pattern that draws the mask away from your face – perfect for people who are feeling slightly claustrophobic wearing standard ones.

If you’ve been sewing We All Sew’s Busy book, it’s time to go check out page 5 – Bear & Honey Pot. I really like this one as it has the child threading beads through loops over a maze. Very fun!

Whip up this unicorn plush with fabric scraps you have on hand.

Headed back to work? Learn how to make your own pretty lunch bag.

The perfect pattern for beginners: this maxi skirt.

Yes, More Masks

With so many cities and states requiring masks, I’ve found myself making more. My former sister in law was looking for some My Little Pony prints for her daughter and I volunteered to make some for her – I mean, if that’s all it takes to get a little one to wear a mask for a period of time, I’m all for it! While I was at it, I decided to go ahead an make more for us because I’m finding that we’re going through quite a few (our city and many surrounding areas require masks) if all of us are doing a particular activity together. Plus, it sounds as if masks will probably be required during school (at least on the bus, common areas, etc.) so I had better start getting ready now.

For those that are interested, I am still using the Victory Patterns mask template, two layers of high quality cotton, and face mask elastic for these. I did stumble across some filter material (which as been hard to come across) and have contemplated picking some up to add to these too. So now that these are done, I’ve had several friends request a few for their kiddos as they begin to head back to school – I have a feeling I’ll be making another very large batch soon.


I had no intentions of making a dress this weekend, but I had seen so many posts about Made for Mermaid’s Sage, that I broke down and bought it. My original intent was to make a striped version with a high neck and sleeves, but I didn’t have enough of the material I originally wanted to use. So, I went back to my stash and and pulled out this (single brushed poly?) floral print that I had gotten in a recent So Sew English fabric mystery bundle. This print just seemed perfect for this pattern – it’s a pretty summery coral with large scale flowers that are just perfect for a maxi dress. That also changed my overall design choice too… so for this version I made a low scoop, tank style maxi. My only regret is not making the slit higher, but more on that in a minute.

As far as construction goes, this dress was VERY easy to put together and is very straightforward (in fact, I just glanced at the instructions for this one) so it’s a great beginner pattern. My only regret is that I didn’t notice the slight heights on the back of the pattern piece (I had laid the pattern upside down when cutting) so my slit is shorter that I think I would have wanted.

As far as the fit: I was really in between two sizes so I thought I would err on the side of caution and use the larger of the two. In the end, I took out some of the excess material, so I probably made the smaller size anyway. Overall I really like the way this looks, it’s comfortable, it’s flattering, it’s perfect for summer… but, it’s now been claimed by my oldest. Honestly, this dress totally screams her name and she will look adorable in it, so I’ve decided to make another one soon – I even bought a new stripe to make the version that I originally set out to sew.

Links for the Weekend

Summertime during a pandemic means that I can’t keep track of what day of the week it is! Since I missed Linky Thursday yesterday, here are some fantastic freebies to keep you busy over the weekend instead:

It is so hot (and humid) out that I’m looking for all sorts of ways to stay cool… then I remembered these cooling neck wraps!

Sew yourself up a reversible skirt that’s perfect for summer.

I recently had a friend ask me about sewing gaiter wraps, but with a filter pocket. I didn’t think that a tutorial for that existed until I saw this.

Christmas in July wouldn’t be complete without a few ornaments. This Ballet Slipper is so pretty and cut exclusively on the Cricut!

I got a new bike! If I wouldn’t have already gotten a basket, I would definitely consider making a handlebar satchel.

Stay cool and look pretty with this Summer Breeze Tank.

I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics. This project is a pretty way to show off his prints.

Keep your hair up with these easy to make scrunchies – they’re also a great kids project, too!

This tabletop sewing caddy is a pretty way to keep yourself organized. Looking for something that is off the table? Try this hanging pocket organizer instead.

Enter to win an LED sewing machine light kit.

A cute little criss-cross top for toddlers to teens.

This pretty swaddle blanket makes a great handmade baby gift.

Sunflower Iris

It is so hot outside that I’ve decided I need more shorts. This time around I opted to use the Iris Shorts pattern with a sunflower scuba that I had picked up from Knitpop. While this is definitely the cutest pair I’ve made, it does have a much different fit than the others:

The french terry pair is definitely the “loosest” fit – it is very comfortable, but I’ve found the waistband (in a cotton interlock) slides some while I wear them so I’ve been using them as loungewear (I don’t want to have to keep hiking them out while I’m out). The Liverpool version of the Iris is probably the most flattering – it’s extremely comfortable, but doesn’t appear that you’re wearing a knit short, plus they just look great on. As for this scuba pair, well, it’s a bit more snug than the rest. While the legs on the other versions are “loose”, I’ve found that the scuba hugs my thighs – so instead of looking like a pair of “shorts”, they look like I’m wearing Under Armour (or short bike shorts). Visually, these are the cutest, but overall not my favorite version. Fabric selection definitely made a difference in this pattern!