Last week I mentioned that I had picked up some tees and screen prints to make a few shirts… and I finally made a few! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the “E” in “BEN” to release that well and overstretched it some as it pulled off the paper – I managed to fix it, but it looks a little “droopy”. I’m not sure anyone will really notice except me, but I hate when I can see my mistakes. Otherwise this is a super fun round of shirts and I am absolutely in love with Bella Canvas tees (just the unisex tees, the women’s run VERY small and have a lot less stretch) – they are probably the softest shirts I own!

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  1. LindaC in AZ

    Your shirts look very professional. What do you mean by “screen prints”? Can you post a link or mention a website/source? Thanks.

    1. stacy Post author

      Essentially these are like iron ons! You’ll find two types: sublimation prints and screen prints. Both are transfers than are made using different methods and have different rules for how to apply them.
      I’ll be up front, sublimation prints are not my favorite, they require a higher heat and need the surface that you want to transfer to have a very high polyester percentage for it to work (which is difficult to find sometimes if you’re using a shirt). Most of the time you also need light color shirts so the design shows up well. They upside to these is that they are generally “photo quality” images (so actual pictures and not cartoony images), sometimes less expensive, and wash really well.
      Screen print are like what you find on ready to wear tshirts. They are screen prints that have been put onto a release paper. They require a lower temperature to iron on (multicolor prints use a higher temperature, though) and you can use any color or type of item to transfer on because the design is opaque and adheres pretty easily. They generally wash up well and are my favorite way to buy transfers. Sometimes you can get them on sale, but a lot of times they are more expensive than sublimation.
      I’ve been using Krafty Korner Supplies for a lot of my transfers. They have lots of sales and fun designs – which is why I’ve been buying a lot more premade designs and not using my Cricut and vinyl to make my own.
      Hope that helps!

      1. LindaC in AZ

        Thank you very much for that info. I remember doing iron-on transfers back in the day. I guess this is the upgrade. 🙂

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