For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on projects for future issues of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine. I tackled the first set, thinking it would be the most time consuming, but in the end, it came together pretty quickly (even with some tricky placements! Clearly, luck was on my side). However, this one is taking a lot longer, but I have to admit, it’s totally worth it.

You see, I had this project lined up in my mind for awhile, but once I started putting it together, I decided it needed “more punch”…. so I added a lot more embroidery to it. I’m currently into hour 6 of designs (with around 2 more to go), but I think this will tie everything in together really well. *Squeee* I’m so excited about this, I wish I could show you the end result.

Also, while in the middle of this, I learned a very valuable lesson: The bobbin of my Bernina can occasionally get stuck into the bobbin case (If you own a 500 series, you may want to read on). After troubleshooting this online, I learned that it they are aware of the issue but don’t know what causes it. I watched a video on how to release it, but didn’t have any luck. That resulted in me calling a local shop and talking to their tech person who told me not to be afraid to put more pressure on it (and to use the little hole and not the slots). I still didn’t have any luck, but fortunately Bret did. We found that if we aligned the release latch on the bobbin with the hole on the back of the casing and then press the screwdriver through the hole, we got a release. Hope that made sense!