Blackwood Cardi

Friday was Taylor’s birthday. No birthday would be complete without a little something handmade from mom. So, I paired up the Green Tee I had made her with a matching cardigan from Helen’s Closet.

This was my second time making a Blackwood Cardigan and I have to say, it’s a very easy pattern to work with. Aside from the pockets, there’s no topstitching or hemming involved so you’re likely to get good results every time even with tricky knits. The fit is pretty spot on, but I do find that the upper arms fit me pretty snug.

As for the fabric is this one, I used a coordinating knit from the avocado bundle I had purchased. It’s not exactly a lightweight cotton, but it’s not too beefy either, so it should work well for chilly nights or just to wear later on this fall. They also go with a set of earrings that I bought her from SuperSassy – I’m not sure that she’ll go that far in coordinating, but they sure are perfect with this!