It’s a Mystery, Again

Hello. My name is Stacy and I’m addicted to Mystery Bundles.

I probably should stop looking at fabric store posts, because I always seem to catch them at “the right time” and see sales, new fabrics, and bundles posted. As SoSewEnglish is going through their warehouse inventory, they’ve been posting a lot of bundles, especially mystery packages. Since I’ve had pretty good experiences with them, I couldn’t resist getting one more.

I’m pretty sure that So Sew English is inside my brain because I was ECSTATIC about the white French Terry that I received! I’ve been on the hunt for some for a few weeks now, after I decided that I needed to make Taylor another Teen Spirit (she LOVES the black one I made awhile ago). I had a difficult time sourcing some, so I just gave up… and then this arrived!

Also in my bundle was OMBRE! I was also extremely excited about this fabric as it always seems to sell out by the time I’m ready to make a “regular” order. I have no set plans for this, but I’ll have to sift through patterns to see what pops out.

Next up, a rayon stripe. I like this one a lot as it seems like it will be the perfect colors for fall sewing. I’m not usually a brown\orange person, but the teal make this print pop.

Lastly, I received a rayon plaid print. It’s a rather large design so I’m not sure how I’ll wind up using it – it seems too large scale for tops, but maybe if I play with placement, it will work out. I’m not going to think to hard about this one as it also feels very “fallish”, so I have plenty of time to find something that might work.

And there you go. Another winning bundle in my book… which means I’ll probably place another order for a mystery bundle in the future. I probably should get to sewing down my stash a bit more before I do, though.