Tennessee Tee

When the Iris shorts went on sale several weeks ago, the Tennessee Tee was marked at $4. I initially resisted (because I have a lot of tee patterns as it is), but started seeing a bunch of different versions and decided I needed a flutter tee. And that’s exactly what I got in my new make!

I used a coordinating double brushed poly that went with my latest Iris (the brown matches the branches in the print). I opted for the V-neck, flutter design and am very happy that I picked this up as it’s very different that what I have in my wardrobe. However, this style is a little more relaxed that what I expected and I think if I make this again in the future, I’ll size down so I can have a slightly more fitted look.

As for construction, this pattern went together very well and the instructions were easy to follow. I somehow managed to squeeze this out with 1 yard of fabric, but I had to cut the sleeves against the grainline to do it (since this fabric has plenty of stretch in both directions and already has good drape, it really didn’t make a difference).