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This weekend, I finished off another Creative Machine Embroidery project. This one was fun to put together and I can definitely see making more in the future. Since I can’t show you exactly what I made, here’s a little peek – isn’t that little cardinal adorable?

Now that this one is in the can, it’s time to clean up the sewing room. Does anyone else make a giant mess while working on big projects besides me? Once I’ve tackled that, it’s time to start some of those selfish sew projects (and a few in the hoop embroidery designs, too) – I’m thinking either the Off-Shoulder Romper or the Selfie Shirt.

Burda Style

I was working on a project yesterday and realized that I had miscut some fabric and needed to go back to the store for more. While waiting in line, I spied the last copy of Burda Style 3/2020 and wound up sifting through it… and somehow it managed to hop into my cart an come home with me.

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve picked up one of these magazines. I probably stopped subscribing 5 or more years ago (and would pick up the occasional individual issue) because I wasn’t using them enough. In fact, I didn’t even keep the ones I had – when we moved, I wound up donating a majority of my “collection” to a local shop that did a lot of workshops for beginner sewisists, especially kids. But this issue interested me because they had some interesting tops that I wouldn’t mind making (top row):

There are a couple of cute dresses in this issue too, but I’ll be honest, I’m probably never going to make those because I just don’t have a lot of occasions to wear them. Now lets see if I wind up tracing these patterns off and sew a few of them up.

Linky Thursday

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Making undergarments is easier than you think. These scalloped panties look like a fun and easy sew.

This little beach dress is the perfect way to stay cool this summer – and look adorable too!

This Red, White, and Blue Star Banner is a fun way to decorate for the 4th.

Headed out with baby? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this travel changing pad and play mat. I love that this version is a circular.

Bring your little one’s monster drawing to life with this Monster Bag tutorial. to win a Glitter Quilt pattern and a 20 piece fat quarter bundle.

Learn how to make 1 bag, 3 ways!


Last week I mentioned that I had picked up some tees and screen prints to make a few shirts… and I finally made a few! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the “E” in “BEN” to release that well and overstretched it some as it pulled off the paper – I managed to fix it, but it looks a little “droopy”. I’m not sure anyone will really notice except me, but I hate when I can see my mistakes. Otherwise this is a super fun round of shirts and I am absolutely in love with Bella Canvas tees (just the unisex tees, the women’s run VERY small and have a lot less stretch) – they are probably the softest shirts I own!

A Peek

In between selfish sews, I’ve been working on a few side projects. While I can’t show you the entire project, I figure I can sneak in a little peek:

Apparently, I am really into ombre this season… and tie dye. I’ve found myself attracted to both in various different forms (fabric, vinyl, embroidery) and it shows in my work! One thing I will say about this photo is that I did stray away from the recommended thread colors – it really didn’t work with my fabric base. I knew that I needed 5 different colors within the same family, so I opened up my thread box (I try to sort them by colors) and went down a line that I thought worked with my material…. and I love this design even more than the original! The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to experiment and try your own thing.

I have one more project in the works, but in the mean time, I’ve somehow picked up a few new patterns to work on (or collect?) in the mean time. First up, The Selfie Shirt. I totally got this because of the wow factor – and the design placement on the pattern cover just had me in awe. I can see making this for a fabulous date night.

I also got the Beach Pants. Initially, I resisted this one, but I have seen so many cute versions that I couldn’t resist. Plus it uses a drapey knit and I have gotten some in bundles that would work perfectly.

Not new, but also in the back of my mind is the Off-shoulder romper. I even got a cute tie dye for this pattern, I just need to muster up the excitement to put this pattern together (I really need to look at a print on demand company for some of my patterns). Speaking of mustering up excitement… I really need to work on some valances. Home decor sewing is just not my favorite, so I’ve been putting this one off for a long time (almost a year), but I keep looking at my empty window and it’s finally starting to bother me. My goal is to have this done before summer is over.

Screen Prints

As much as I love my Cricut, I have to admit, there are times that buying screen prints are so much better. Not only are they less time consuming (especially if I’m designing my own SVG files), but way less expensive (I got most of the ones seen here for around $1!). My Jiffy Shirts arrived (I highly recommend them – they are extremely quick) so I’m spending the weekend heat pressing these babies…. and maybe making a shirt on my Cricut after all. I have a What We Do in the Shadows idea that I might need to bring to life.

Linky Thursday

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Need to give your room a quick makeover? These pillows are supposed to be the easiest tutorial ever.


For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on projects for future issues of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine. I tackled the first set, thinking it would be the most time consuming, but in the end, it came together pretty quickly (even with some tricky placements! Clearly, luck was on my side). However, this one is taking a lot longer, but I have to admit, it’s totally worth it.

You see, I had this project lined up in my mind for awhile, but once I started putting it together, I decided it needed “more punch”…. so I added a lot more embroidery to it. I’m currently into hour 6 of designs (with around 2 more to go), but I think this will tie everything in together really well. *Squeee* I’m so excited about this, I wish I could show you the end result.

Also, while in the middle of this, I learned a very valuable lesson: The bobbin of my Bernina can occasionally get stuck into the bobbin case (If you own a 500 series, you may want to read on). After troubleshooting this online, I learned that it they are aware of the issue but don’t know what causes it. I watched a video on how to release it, but didn’t have any luck. That resulted in me calling a local shop and talking to their tech person who told me not to be afraid to put more pressure on it (and to use the little hole and not the slots). I still didn’t have any luck, but fortunately Bret did. We found that if we aligned the release latch on the bobbin with the hole on the back of the casing and then press the screwdriver through the hole, we got a release. Hope that made sense!

Blackwood Cardi

Friday was Taylor’s birthday. No birthday would be complete without a little something handmade from mom. So, I paired up the Green Tee I had made her with a matching cardigan from Helen’s Closet.

This was my second time making a Blackwood Cardigan and I have to say, it’s a very easy pattern to work with. Aside from the pockets, there’s no topstitching or hemming involved so you’re likely to get good results every time even with tricky knits. The fit is pretty spot on, but I do find that the upper arms fit me pretty snug.

As for the fabric is this one, I used a coordinating knit from the avocado bundle I had purchased. It’s not exactly a lightweight cotton, but it’s not too beefy either, so it should work well for chilly nights or just to wear later on this fall. They also go with a set of earrings that I bought her from SuperSassy – I’m not sure that she’ll go that far in coordinating, but they sure are perfect with this!

Linky Thursday

Remember those egg gathering aprons that were popular a few years ago? I stumbled across this one that is for collecting fruits, vegetables, etc. – perfect for if you started a garden during “quarantine”.

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