I really had no intentions of sewing another shirt for the holiday, but when I was rummaging through my fabric stash, I came across this panel. I had purchased quite some time ago with the intention of sewing it up for the 4th of July last year. Moving really put a damper on sewing last summer, plus I never could find a fabric that matched it… that is until I rummaged some more and found this star remnant – with just enough left over to make a tank.

I decided to use the Durango Tank – not only is it free, but it had the shape I was after. I did modify it some so that the back seam was completely eliminated, but otherwise sewed this one as is. Not only was this super easy to construct, I liked the fit as well – I’m going to have to remember this for future tanks… I have a feeling that I’m going to need them, it’s already hot out there and it’s not even officially summer yet!