Fabrics In Quarantine

With fabric stores closing their doors during “quarantine”, I found myself doing a lot of shopping online. I’ve ordered from different companies while at home. All have had different shipping times (because of reduced staff, etc.), but oddly enough, most arrived within days of each other. Here is the haul and a little bit about them all:

(Starting from the left) Knitpop’s sunflower scuba crepe, cherry blossoms liverpool, and a mystery coordinate (a hunter green double brushed poly that goes well with the cheery blossom). This was one of the fastest turn arounds I got – with shipping the next day. I will say that their stock is lower than what I’ve seen it before, but they had several cute prints that works well with the Iris shorts.

Spoonflower: You know that meme that was going around last month with the woman wearing a mask that had tiny penises on it with the tagline “if you can tell these are penises then you’re too close”? Well this is the print, sort of… this version is way larger than what was in the picture so you can clearly tell these are penises from far away. LOL. I’m not sure if I’ll still use this for a mask or wait until there is a bachelorette party gift that I need to make. With that said, Spoonflower was very upfront about their printing times taking longer than usual. They were a bit late (by days) in getting this fabric shipped out, but overall not bad considering the climate we’re in.

Fabric.com: I wound up ordering from Fabric.com because they were one of the few places that had ponte in stock that seemed like it would work with Jalie’s Renee pants. While I was there, I couldn’t resist this awesome tropical athletic knit and a coordinating solid – I think I can see a cool pair of leggings in my future! Fabric.com’s shipping times were EXTREMELY far out, but I went with it anyway because I have enough projects lined up that it wasn’t an issue. In the end, they were pretty quick to ship out (9 days after placing my order) and I love the athletic knits… the ponte, not so much.

Hobby Lobby: Since making Greenstyle’s no-show brief, I’ve been on the hunt for “the right” fabric (you can read my review here). I had seen someone talking about Hobby Lobby having a travel knit that worked very well and was intrigued. So much so, I decided to buy some (along with some stretch lace). I have never ordered online from them before, but since all the stores were closed, I decided to give it a try. It too AGES to get here and it wasn’t entirely Hobby Lobby’s fault. They shipped 6 days after ordering, but used FedEx home delivery- which took almost 2 weeks to arrive after that (12 days). With that said, I really like the feel of the travel knit – I think it would work really well with this pattern! The stretch lace is nice too, although I thought I would get continuous yardage and not spools (as a side note, my dog liked the spools too and destroyed an entire spool, fortunately he didn’t like the lace and left it in perfect condition).