Mystery Box

I’m a sucker for mystery boxes because I did it again. I bought another from SoSewEnglish. Here’s what was inside.

The top fabric is a charcoal gray cottony knit with a small stripe. I really like this one because it’s one of the few fabrics that I have that work for boy\men. When we finally stop wearing nothing but pajamas around here, maybe I’ll be able to use it for some Nicos.

The middle material is a slub knit sweater knit. I adore the color and it actually coordinates with the double brush poly stripe below it. I intend on using this material in part with a different project, but if I have enough material left over, I may try an off the shoulder sweatshirt pattern with this.

All in all, this was another winning bundle. I should probably stop ordering fabrics and start putting them to good use, but the motivation is currently low. I’m hoping that when we finally wrap up school June 2, that I’ll find my mojo again.