Brooklyn V2

I decided to attempt the Brooklyn again – this time I made sure to cut out my fabric without any distractions so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. (Just a quick back story, I made a different version several weeks ago, but got distracted while on the phone and cut the hemline CRAZY. I attempted to salvage it, but it was still a hot mess).

Thankfully, this version came out exactly as I had envisioned it… and it’s definitely love. Now that it’s finished, let’s talk a bit about the pattern! When it comes to construction, this pattern is pretty simple. Although, with all the different style options available, you definitely need to pay attention to which pieces you are using (or how you cut the pattern\fabric) so you don’t need to recut. The instructions are easy to follow and the pieces came together nicely (although I never did see the notches for lining the front binding to the top itself). However, I am not a fan of the buttonholes. Normally you would interface the whole front facing (or at least the portion where the buttonholes are to be made), but the instructions have you interfacing the facing after it is constructed. It works, but just looks “messy”. I did manage to trim my interfacing very close to my finished buttonholes, but I would prefer a more professional finish.

As for the fit, it’s perfect! I do think that this top would benefit from an additional button or two so that the front facing lays flatter, but otherwise, I really love this design. Now if it would just get warm enough for me to wear it!