Masks V.5?

I had a request to make more masks. I had been tinkering with the fit of my current pattern with the face mask elastic, but was still not pleased with the fit (I still couldn’t get a standard fit between Bret and I, although it was better than “regular” elastic), so I started searching for a similar pattern, but with a potentially better fit. That’s when I found Victory Patterns’ free face mask. Not only did this pattern have 4 sizes, I found that it covered my face more that previous versions and cinched in the sides for a better fit. In the end, I wound up making a few changes:

I omitted the lining template and just used 2 front patterns. I did this because I didn’t see anyone using a filter with theirs and it made cutting the masks a whole lot faster (sewing probably went faster as well).

When it came to sewing, I simply place the two “front” pieces together, sewed around the edges and left an opening for turning. Once it was right side out, I sewed along the edges (which closed the hole that I turned), and then created a channel for the elastic by folding back the edges to the lining side. The face mask elastic is super stretchy and worked great with this pattern – it’s comfortable to wear and I like that the men’s is plenty large enough for Bret. Overall, this has become my favorite pattern – and it sews up fairly quickly too… which is a good thing because I’ve sewn 100s of these now and this definitely ramps up production. Ah yes, and I did a thing last week too. I dyed my hair purple – I figured it’s still going to be awhile until I can see my stylist so why not do something interesting.

6 thoughts on “Masks V.5?

  1. Susan

    Your hair is gorgeous that color! And, thanks for the face mask review, that will fit my husband MUCH better

    1. stacy Post author

      Thank you! It’s my crazy quarantine decision. LOL
      The men’s mask really is a great size – I think he’ll like it a lot better than some of the more standard sizing.

  2. M-C

    That looks like just a copy of the original one from I like it because of the different sizes, since I am making them for specific individuals. I don’t make pockets, I use thick nonwoven nonfusible interfacing which works better than the variety of symbolic stuff people are putting in these pockets. And I don’t muck with turning anything inside out, I just topstitch the bottom seam close to the edge, which works just fine. The channels for tying can be filled with continuous loops like hair elastics or sock rounds, or threaded with elastic or t-shirt yarn after the fact with a yarn needle, depending on the preferences of the recipient

    1. stacy Post author

      That is a great idea about not doing any turning – I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought of that. I found that after making a large batch of masks, that my hands were getting sore from all the turning right side out. I’m totally doing that from now on. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Kathy

    What size of the face mask elastic are you using and do you recommend it? I noticed that it comes in different diameters. I like your hair like that!!

    1. stacy Post author

      I’ve been using the 3/16″ size. The first batch I bought had a tighter weave than the last batch I bought so the new version looks thicker, but it’s “puffy” so it fits in the channel just fine (if all that makes sense, LOL).

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