Explosion Cake

Yesterday was Easton’s birthday so we celebrated it “quarantine style”. Since so many bakeries are closed right now, I decided I would take on making a cake myself… I also decided it probably should be something pretty spectacular so I decided to undertake an explosion cake.

Let me start off by saying, I am a much better sewist than what I am a cake maker – why in the world I thought I could easily do this is beyond me, but once I bought all the pans (you need 6″ pans), food coloring, etc. I felt like I was pretty much committed. Thankfully, this looks much more complicated than what it really is. It is time consuming (mostly because I baked my cakes in batches because I didn’t have 6 pans) and I used A LOT of icing, but the end result is pretty impressive (and distracted everyone from my horrible outer decorating (although I learned, if you use enough sprinkles, no once can tell that much anyway). However, with that said, I would still attempt this project again… just not anytime soon. LOL

One thought on “Explosion Cake

  1. Meg

    O. M. G. Merely skimming the instructions gave me a headache. But,
    Now everyone will want one!

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