I finally got to sit down in front of my machine to make something other than masks and happy to report that I came out with the cutest tee (now if I only had someplace to wear it). For this project, I decided to dive into a new pattern developer, Sonia Estep. I started with the Magnolia Tee (free if you use the code found in her Facebook group) and used the Sloane print from SoSewEnglish that I received in a bundle.

Since this is a new company, I always like to touch on the pattern and directions. Both of which seem very good! The pattern went together easily – the pattern not only printed well, but the pieces came together during construction without a hitch. As for the directions, I have to admit, I didn’t refer to them much for this particular pattern, but glancing over it, they look very straightforward.

The fit? As you can tell, this is a very fitted tee – its snug, but not too tight (it’s not difficult to put on, it doesn’t seem to make weird lumps and bumps) and overall looks very flattering. I was a bit concerned about the neckline – I’m usually not a fan of a scoopneck, but I found that this neckline isn’t too deep so it seems to stay in place and is a nice change of pace from my usual style of tops. I also liked the length – not too short, but not starting to look tunic length either. I’ll have to keep this in my rotation of patterns for this summer.