Happy Friday

I have to admit, since we’ve been on our stay-at-home order (and homeschooling), I haven’t been as organized (or motivated) and what I usually am. In fact, I’ve found some projects floating around that I had finished, but neglected to share. One of them, a “Wine with DeWine” tee. Since early March, at 2 o’clock, our governor (Mike DeWine) has a press conference – some people jokingly started calling it “Wine with DeWine” (or Snackin’ with Acton – for our director for the department of health)… and it stuck. I had seen some shirts online, but decided to make one myself with this adorable SVG.

I’m also attempting to get my mojo back by stitching up a fun little tee. I’ve decided to stitch up Sonia Estep’s Magnolia Tee (which is free, if you join her Facebook group and look at the announcements) and using the Sloane print (currently out of stock) that I had picked up in a bundle. I’m anxious to give this pattern a whirl – I have purchased a few patterns by this designer, but still haven’t had a chance to sew them up.

What’s on your sewing table this weekend?