Yes, More Masks

With the CDC recommending wearing masks (and some cities requiring them), I’ve been a busy lady. The latest round is for friends who continue to work and requested protection and for Bret’s family:

While the pattern itself sews up fairly quickly, I’ve found making straps have been the most time consuming. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of elastic (I wasn’t a fan of what I purchased as I couldn’t ever find a standard measurement that worked for everyone) and pre-made bias tape and I’m staying away from ribbon because it isn’t recommended (probably because it doesn’t wash well or hold up over time), so this has become my only option. I made yards and yards of bias tape for this batch alone (roughly 50!) .While finding my bias tape maker has helped, it’s still a long process… but I am now a master at bias tape!

With that said, I think I need a break from sewing masks. I’m definitely burned out, but feel better knowing that I’ve provided some protection for a lot of people. For now, I’m going to do a bit of selfish sewing, maybe try a new pattern, and reset my sewing mojo.

4 thoughts on “Yes, More Masks

  1. Teresa

    I agree that sewing the fabric ties for the mask is NOT fun. I’ve tried a number of options besides elastic as my supply is dwindling . I have been working on t-shirt quilts recently so have a supply of t-shirt knit scraps. I’ve cut those into 1 inch strips, stretched them to curl and used those as fabric ties. Much faster and less onerous than sewing fabric ties.

  2. Cheryl

    My friends that are mass (200+ each) producing these masks are using t-shirt ties. Strips of t_shirting cut 1″ x 55″. They go up the casing on one side and down the casing on the other side, left in one piece and knotted at the ends. Its a tried and tested method that seems to work well. You can use t-shirt fabric or acutual t-shirts. Just some threads for thought for your sewing.

    1. stacy Post author

      Thank you! I’ve seen a couple of people say they’ve used t-shirt ties – I’m going to have to try this out!

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