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This pretty much sums up my weekend:

In between more mask making, I decided to do some baking. The bunny cakelet pan arrived just in time for Easter, but instead of making cakes (because I had already ordered cookies), I opted to bake pumpkin bread instead. Unfortunately, the bread is dark enough that the details of the bunny are sort of lost, but if you look close, I think it retained the shape really well. I’ll have to do those again next year, but plan for cute little cakes instead. I also tried my hand at making some Texas Roadhouse rolls (but I halved the recipe… because 35 rolls may be too many). I think they turned out pretty close to the real deal and they tasted delicious with dinner last night. I will spare you a photo my challah bread – it turned out looking like a sad beached whale (I think it may have over proofed).

I have also been making more masks…. These particular versions were some of my favorites because the fabrics are so fun (a friend and I talked on the phone and picked out material she thought everyone would like). She is a school nurse and is doing the screenings for lunch and delivery staff so she requested some for herself and family. She also has a son who is needing to go in regularly for PT appointments – since he’s a teen, he’s a bit hesitant to wear a mask, so there may be one in there with a half naked lady… LOL.

Linky Thursday

I think that these pillbox style bags are such an easy and fun sew – the perfect instant gratification project!

Sew4Home has a great resource list for DIY protection projects – so much more than just masks!

Treat your favorite nurse to a new pair of scrub pants and learn how to make a surgical cap too.

My Easter baskets are looking a bit “thin” this year. If yours are too here’s several projects to spruce them up: “Peeps” marshmallow chicks and marshmallow bunny plush, sweet little bunny treat bags, or make a cute bunny headband.

Looking to decorate your home for Easter instead? This egg pillow is an easy way to spruce up your living room, while these placemats and napkins are perfect for your holiday brunch – and don’t miss these whimsical Bunny Ear Chair Covers!

Running low on fabric during your shelter in place order? No worries, this tutorial teaches you how to make a faux sashed t-shirt quilt – the perfect way to clean out your project and give you the material you need to make a new blanket!

Enter to win a Choose Joy Quilt kit.

Feeling the strain from mask sewing (or just stress in general)? Give yourself the gift of self care and make an aromatherapy heating pad.

Quick Tees

I love my Cricut. It can whip out cute cards and almost any type of t-shirt transfer you can think of. However, sometimes making your own designs can be time consuming, plus sheets of vinyl can be expensive.

My solution? Buy screen print transfers! Krafty Korner Supplies runs weekly sales on a number of screen prints (some one color, some multi) that are a $1 each! I can’t make shirts for less than that! These designs were perfect and I wound up ordering a few tees from JiffyShirts. FYI I used the Bella Canvas brand as they are so incredibly soft, but let me steer you away from the Bella Canvas tees for women (or at least order 1-2 sizes larger than what you would normally buy) – they DO NOT fit anywhere near their regular shirts. While I expected the women’s to be fitted, I found them to be incredibly snug and looked horrible on.


Even before the CDC’s recommendation to start wearing masks, I started getting requests to make them. I spent several days testing patterns – some with elastic, some with ties, some that were pleated and some that were more shaped to fit the face… and after all that, I finally settled on one that I found worked best for me:’s FU Face Mask and this version from Instructables for kids.

Some things that I’ve discovered about my particular mask making journey: The elastic I have stinks. I managed to snag cording elastic from Amazon before the rush, but it’s just not comfortable to wear. I believe that it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of stretch, so it digs into your ears, or just pulls your ears down completely and then pops off your face. Consequently, I never could find a standard measurement that would universally work for everyone.

Next, I moved to bias tape – unfortunately, I quickly ran out of that as well and am now just making my own. When working with the bias tape, I tried binding off the sides and leaving enough overhanging so that they can be used as ties – I felt like this process sped things up a bit, but it used up more bias tape (and when you make your own, it feels like that’s an important factor) and I don’t think it allowed the mask to sit as snug on your face. Consequently, in the end, I settled on ties (and a bit of wire around the nose to make it more conforming)…. it’s a longer process but I know it will fit everyone better.

More Comfort Clothes

One of the downsides of working from home is that there are a lot of paper copies being generated (at least at our house) – so much so, that I’ve been put on a “freeze” for printing patterns until we can get more paper delivered. So this week, I went back to my pattern stash and decided to sew up a second pair of Carita Joggers (you can check out my previous version here). For this version, I used a fun print – SoSewEnglish’s Love Sewing French Terry and a hot pink cotton that I found in my stash. I really like the way it turned out! Not to mention that they are super comfortable.

Linky Thursday

Since we’re all spending lots more time in lounge wear these days, George & Ginger have created a sew along. You can pick out the lounge gown for free and grab the Sincerely Darcey Pants with a code from the group(s).

Enter to win a Modern Eclipse Quilt Kit.

Lots more mask patterns have been floating around – here’s a simple one that has 3 different options as well as one that has a filter pocket and this one that uses a hepa filter. Looking where you can donate yours? Here’s a list of 20 facilities & hospitals that are looking for some.

Still can’t find paper towels? This tutorial will teach you how to make reuseable ones.

This apron is so adorable – it reminds me of a pair of painter’s overalls. Some day, when I can get all the supplies, I may try this one.

Using steam to kill germs.

Get ready for Easter with one of these bunny baskets.

Did around in those closets to find your next project: transforming a maxi dress into a sundress.