Laundry Makeover

About a month ago, I decided that my laundry room needed an overhaul. There wasn’t any storage in that room so I was largely still operating out of boxes and my cleaning tools (like the vacuum, etc) took up a large spot in the room so it had a very cramped atmosphere. So while this isn’t a sewing related post, I had to share my end results:

After painting the wall black, we picked up a wardrobe frame from IKEA (along with a few shelves and a door) that would house all my cleaning tools, laundry supplies, and miscellaneous items like light bulbs, and a couple of wall mount shelves that would be used to hold decorations. Fortunately, I had already been shopping for laundry themed decor well before we were on any type of stay-at-home orders so all I had to do was place them where I wanted.

While I still don’t like laundry, I do like this room so much better! Its also motivated me to (eventually – where things go back to a more “normal” pace) tackle a few other rooms in the house that need a new perspective.

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