Quarantine 15

I’m sure our life at home is looking much like yours right now. With the adjustment of starting online classes, I’m finding it difficult to always find the time (or energy… sheltering in makes me sleepy!) to sew. One thing I’ve found myself doing more of? Baking… with the occasional ice cream thrown in (hence the Quarantine 15… because we’re going to gain at least that much by the time this is over). So, I thought I would share some of the deliciousness.

First up – french bread. This went well with our dinner we had planned, it was easy enough even Easton could help, and overall, pretty tasty (and the leftovers make for good panini sandwiches the next day). There may be better recipes out there than this one, but it’s a good project you can do with the kids – just leave yourself enough time for all the rising.

If you have an ice cream maker (and all the ingredients), I highly recommend the Salt & Straw cookbook. So far I’ve made the Grand Poppy-Seed sherbet with lemon marshmallow fluff (minus the Grand Poppy because I didn’t have that on hand) and an almond brittle with salted ganache ice cream. While the sherbet was good… the ice cream was even better (not to mention the almond brittle is fantastic on it’s own)! We do have plans to make a Skittle rainbow sherbet over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

When I was at the store last (it seems like ages ago now), I managed to snag a couple of blueberry containers on sale. While they were delicious on the lemony sherbet (from above), I decided to use the rest to make muffins. This recipe will now be my go-to… it’s fabulous! I did cut it in half (because that’s all the blueberries I had left over) and it’s a good thing, I could eat all 6 of them by myself.

One thought on “Quarantine 15

  1. Chris Schwab

    I have been joking that while I am working from home to flatten THE curve, as a stress eater I am working in the opposite direction on MY curves. All your items sound so tasty! We have done cookies and a cake, and my next sourdough loaf is currently rising. I have an ice cream maker but haven’t stocked the ingredients. I will have to venture out tomorrow early in search of creamer for three of my family- none in the closest store an hour ago, but they did finally have eggs so worth the trip. Thanks for sharing!

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