Linky Thursday

Looking for a fun, quick sew while at home. Run over to Pattern Emporium and grab their latest pattern (for FREE, until Sunday).

Enter to win a Modern Eclipse Quilt Kit.

Did the current paper product hording leave you short on paper towels? If so, learn how to make your own paper towels and even sanitary pads.

If you know how to crochet you can whip yourself up a Covid-19 amigurumi

Chances are you’re spending more time in the kitchen cooking this week. So, why not whip up a new half apron to keep your clothes (on in my case pajamas) clean?

Get ready for the Easter holiday by making a cute bunny wreath for your door.

In the past, fidget toys (like spinners) have been loud and not something we can easily make ourselves. However this marble maze is a quite and crafty take on fidget toys.

These bunny headbands are soft to wear (no hard plastic base) and can fit any size head.

Looking for a way to support your community through sewing while you’re at home? This list has lots of ideas for sewing to serve.

Got scraps (or a whole lot of fat quarters)? Then you’ve got everything you need to make a new shower curtain.

Running out of fabric? Kids want to make a project? Why not give this duct tape wallet a try?