First Day

It’s the first day of school… again. As you can see we’re off to a great start. LOL. Just kidding, much like everyone else we muddled through figuring out what we needed to do and starting assignments, but I’m sure we’ll have it down before the end of the week.

As for sewing, I’m waiting on elastic (I was lucky and found some online, but have to wait several days for it to arrive) to make masks. I’ve joined a group of Ohio sewists that are making them for agencies (like nursing homes, etc.) and individuals that are requesting them. In the mean time, I’ve printed off several projects that I’ve been meaning to start and may even tackle those valances that I’ve been putting off for months. We’ll see how much gets accomplished while we’re working on school.

How is everyone else doing? What projects do you have lined up or hope to work on?