Wash Your Hands

I have a ton of things that I need to work on this week, but I temporairly put them aside so I could work on my latest project: Wash Your Damn Hands PocketBac holders.

This is an in-the-hoop project that features a plague doctor with options for “damn” or “darn” in the phrase below it (I opted for darn when it came to making one for Easton). I tried my hand at several different colors and mediums (leather, vinyl, and a “faux leather wide ribbon” which feels nothing like leather at all), but have to say the rainbow faux leather is probably my favorite. The downside to this project? Finding PocketBac! Like most stores, Bath & Body Works has been wiped out on hand sanitizers… I was just lucky enough to go into one that had just restocked that morning (and there was only a handful available and there were two other people shopping for them when I arrived).