A New Knot

When we were getting ready to sell out house, I purged a lot of my printed PDF patterns because they took up a lot of space and looked messy. I’m kicking myself now because there are several patterns that I’ve gone back to that I’ve had to reassemble… one of them, the Selja Knot Tee. I forgot how big of a pain this pattern was to cut out – not only do you have to print and tape the pages together, you have to trace them as well since several of the pieces overlap (similar to BurdaStyle).

It was totally worth the extra effort, though, because I’m really liking my new top… even if I feel a bit like Wilma from the Flintstones while wearing it! One thing that I will say about the Selja is that I’ve always liked the fit of this tee – it’s just so flattering. In fact, I like it so much I’m considering eliminating the knot and seeing how it wears as a standard shirt.

As for the fabric on this one, I used the animal knit that I either got from Chey’s Leftovers bundle or a Mystery Bundle that I picked up in December, they both appear to be the exact same material. The fabric is a cotton spandex type blend – a bit on the thin side, but sewed up very nicely. I still have about 2 yards left of this to use, so I’ll have to think how I will sew it up in the future.