High Contrast

You guys, I did a thing this weekend. It wasn’t sewing related, but I’m super proud of myself because this is not normally the type of project I like doing. What could be so exciting? I painted a wall…. black.

For starters, I really don’t like painting. I find it nerve wracking (because much like sewing, I know where the “mistakes” are) and I’m messy. Secondly, I’ve opted for black – which seems like the most anxiety ridden paint because its not just the messiest, it’s also such a high contrast to the white that any mistakes could be glaring. But I figured it was just one wall and I really wanted to tackle the laundry room – I’m still working out of boxes in there and everything is just in a pile… it’s an area I hate to go into.

Now that it’s dry, I can order the shelving that will help organize everything, put up some decorations, and finally call that area good. In the mean time, it’s back to sewing!