Henri Joggers

Apparently middle school boys don’t like to wear jeans because Easton owns a lot of athletic pants. In an effort to keep up with this trend, I decided that I finally needed to break down and buy Jalie’s Henri Jogger (and Shorts) pattern and see if I can’t sew some up that he approves of.

My first issue that I had was what size to cut (and if I should grade, etc.). He’s sort of all over the place in measurements – little waist, more pronounced bum, large thighs. After waffling back and forth for days, I finally decided to cut a straight size “P” (I thought about cutting the length to an “O” but held a pair of pants up to the pattern and he had a pair that was similar in length) – I figured that I could see what needed to be done from there after they’re made.

As for the fabric, I settled on a cotton French terry from So Sew English (now sold out). I had originally purchased this to make sweatshirts for him, but once the fabric arrived, it didn’t look like something he would wear. One thing about this fabric is that it’s very “soft” for a French terry – almost sweater like, so I opted to omit the drawstring because I thought it would never behave in making it (plus I managed to eeek out this pattern with only ONE YARD and really didn’t have enough for that piece, anyway).

Now for the review! Everything came together beautifully and didn’t have any issues with construction. I did change the waistband slightly as I didn’t have 2″ elastic (in the end, I used 1 1/2 and just inserted it through the waistband) and even though it makes for a very plain front, I like the way it went together. As for the fit – it’s really good… although a bit too long. It seems as if I could have made the “O” length after all. The fabric? Well, it’s way too “soft” for this pattern – I think a french terry with a bit more body or a beefier performance knit would have looked more ready to wear. Instead, it sort of looks like he’s wearing lounge pants… but according to Easton, it’s the comfiest pair of pants he owns, so it’s still a win!